Quick Flip – butterfly sleeve top

Sometimes a few quick fixes can totally transform a garment. This quick blog post will teach you how to think outside of the box and put an unwearable garment into rotation in your closet!

I happened upon this blouse for a really great price, and originally thought my 20-something daughter might like it. I really liked the cheerful floral print and the easy care bubble crepe fabric. It had ties on the side and was open from the waist down. My daughter wasn’t convinced it was her style, though, so I thought I would try to make it fit my style… After all, I had nothing to lose!

The first step was to address the bust – it was too small across the width, and while the bubble crepe has a little stretch, it was still still too snug. I also didn’t care for the open sides. Both of these were easily fixed by opening up the side seams and adding a ~2″ strip of fabric on each side. I was also hoping to give the top a more casual, eclectic, Anthropologie vibe. To accomplish this, I chose a coordinating print to use for the adjustments. I found this fabric in my stash and it had the added benefit of also being a knit with a little stretch to add to the comfort and ease of the top.

The final step was to embellish the neckline with the same fabric in order to make the whole look come together. I just covered the existing neck band with the striped fabric, and added a little topstitched triangle detail to give it a more casual, sportswear vibe. The whole top came together quickly, and I wore it out to brunch with my daughter, who now loves the top, but was happy to see me enjoying it! It had gone from being a too-snug, side-waist showing top, to a comfortable, quirky little casual top that I reach for often now!

The next time you are about to donate or scrap a garment, give it a second look, and ask yourself what about the garment makes you dislike it. Sometimes just a little tweaking can change the whole attitude and feel of a garment. I hope this example helps you think about something in your closet you can start experimenting with before you donate – you’ve got nothing to lose, and lots of skills to gain! Happy sewing!!

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