Join my instructional sewing course – Flat Lamb Pillow

Years ago, I drove in the night for 2 hours to visit my sister in the hospital. She had just given birth to her son Christopher, and I gave my newborn nephew a cute little lamb pillow as a gift. The little lamb pillow wasn’t made by me though; I had bought the lamb pillow at the hospital gift shop. Just like its recipient, the lamb pillow was adorable. Wonderfully soft and fleecy on one side, cool and silky on the other, it quickly became his favorite pillow and he wouldn’t sleep without it. Some years later, another family member was expecting a baby, and a relative asked me where I had found it so she could gift the new baby one just like it. I called to check, but the hospital gift shop no longer carried them. I searched online but couldn’t find one like it anywhere! So, when she asked me to sew one up for her, I drafted a pattern based on the well-loved lamb pillow I had given my nephew years ago. Now, I’d love to share that pattern with you here! As I hope my story shows, this lamb pillow makes a wonderful handmade baby gift! I will be walking you through the process, step by step!

The Course includes all the step-by-step instructions, starting with advice on fabric choices, to listing all the supplies you will need, all the way through the finishing touches. To make the baby lamb pillow, you will need my pdf pattern, a printer-friendly pdf of the instructions so you can follow along with a set of paper instructions.

You will also have to purchase all the materials. Here are the links below to purchase or you can go to your local hobby store and buy them yourself.

Once you get all the materials, head over to the class and get sewing! I can’t wait to see you there!

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