How To Make a Dance Costume Part 1

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How to make a dance costume with fringe, rhinestones, and mesh

In this four-part YouTube video series, I’ll show you a step-by-step process on how to make a dance costume! Whether you’re a beginner or an expert when it comes to costume making, this video will give you a simple understanding of what’s needed to go from idea to sketch. 

Our costume takes us back to the roaring twenties, best known for jazz, flappers, drama and marathon dancers! Our dancers will be performing a duet to “Can’t do it alone” from the Broadway musical, Chicago. Per the request of our dancing duo, we’ll be creating a one-piece gold leotard with a fringe skirt, open back with straps, cutouts with mesh and long gloves. 

Ready to dance? Here’s what we cover:

Video 1: Sparks of inspiration, concept sketches & swatches

We first start by determining sketches for the desired dress that we want to create. Remember that It’s totally okay to draw inspiration from costumes, sketches, and designs created by others. Of course, you’ll want to add your own personal flair. 

Then, we look at swatches of fabric and materials ordered from Spandex World to determine the right look and feel for our dancers, based on skin tone, body fit preferences, and comfort. It’s important to remember that when choosing fabrics that they meet both form and function. Choose materials that don’t clash heavily, fit the desired theme and allow dancers to move fluidly.

There are many sewing projects I have taken on over the years. Sometimes following a pattern isn’t enough. This video explores how to make a costume from concept and design to find the right materials. Once everything is planned out then we can create a beautiful costume. This will be a multi-part video series that will span several days. Enjoy!

Materials and Patterns:

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