How to make a $10 DIY Bejeweled Fanny Pack / Belt Bag

If you have been following my recent activity, you might know that I’ve just finished rhinestoning a couple of gorgeous costumes, which you can check out here, and I AM HOOKED ON RHINESTONING! I just love the shimmer and hint of bling it adds, especially to everyday, utilitarian objects. Watch this video to learn how I made a bejeweled fanny pack for $10!

Materials for this project

All the supplies I used for this fanny pack are actually from local stores that you may or may not have near you, so here I’ve posted some low-cost Amazon alternatives.

Fanny Pack: The original one I used was purchased at a $5 Below store, but here is an identical one at the same price (at the time of this post)! –

Acrylic Gemstones: The ones I used were from Hobby Lobby. They were 8mm in size and came in a box of 120 for $3.99. If you download the Hobby Lobby app, you can always count on a 40% off coupon to be found there! Here is the Amazon alternative, coming in a package of 100. –

Glass Rhinestones: I mentioned in the video that these are an option if you like a dressier or sparklier look! –

E600 clear glue:

Dress it up, dress it down

As you can see in the video, I love to sport this fanny pack with jeans, but it is actually pretty versatile. The fanny pack can just as easily be worn with workout gear for a hike or some yoga pants for a jog around town. Or, try styling it as I did on my mannequin, with a cute statement necklace, colorful casual tee, and jeans or jean skirt. This version makes a cute travel outfit – pulled together, yet comfortable, and with easy access to all your necessities. You can also wear it crossbody, the way it’s shown on the mannequin as well.

Cute and safe too!

Wearing the fanny pack this way really ensures the safety of your belongings too, since the zipper opening stays put where you can see it. This is great for travel where pick-pocketing is a concern! Although I’m grateful to never have had anyone attempt to open my bag while traveling, my sister had that happen to her once. She was flying through LAX airport, and wearing a super-cute backpack purse, with a zippered front pouch. As she was waiting in line at the ticket counter, she thought she felt a tugging on her purse. She flipped it to the front, and in doing so, interrupted the lady behind her as she was attempting to rummage through her bag!

All’s well that ends well

Luckily, my sister caught the would-be thief just in time, and nothing was stolen! A backpack can be worn in the front to help prevent unwelcome hands from opening it. Worn either way, a fanny pack is an option to keep your belongings close at hand and in your line of sight! So, the fanny pack is a winner in more than one way if you ask me, and its styling possibilities are endless. If I haven’t talked you into wearing one yourself, maybe you could try making this for a friend, or with an older child that likes to craft! Either way, I really hope you enjoyed this project! Please share photos and comments if you try it out!

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